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COVID-19 Information

The airport remains open and operational. Federal law required wearing a mask at all times while on airport property, failure to comply may result in removal and denial of re-entry. For more information on the Federal mask mandate please click here. we are asking all visitors to comply with social distancing requirements, such as keeping a six-foot distance from others, wearing a face covering. Passengers must also practice good hygiene by coughing/sneezing into one’s elbow or into a tissue and disposing of it properly afterwards and by washing hands frequently, for at least twenty seconds, or by using hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available.

If you should need to modify your travel arrangements, please reach out to your airline for assistance. For contact information please visit the Airline Contact Information Page.


Airport Operations

The airport and its employees are practicing social distancing by suspending special programming and gatherings. Airport staff are working remotely when possible or on an adjusted schedule to decrease in person contact in the workplace. Stakeholders are encouraged to communicate with airport staff via email or by phone.

As El Paso International Airport and its concession partners continue to evaluate airport operations and passenger demand, we are implementing temporary changes to our food and beverage, news and gift shops as well as various other services.

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Airport Cleanliness and Precautions

Cleanliness of the airport terminal, to include restrooms, common use spaces and high-traffic areas have always been a priority for EPIA. In the past month as the situation has developed, increased measures have been incorporated into our cleanliness procedures:


Passengers and Staff


Flights and Schedules



If you have any questions regarding the Corona (COVID-19) virus please visit or call the COVID-19 Hotline at (915) 212-6843.



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