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El Paso International Airport and the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department are pleased to present the works of Lisa Matta and Rosa Cruz at the Art Windows of El Paso gallery. 

Lisa Matta

Lisa Matta is a full-time artist in El Paso, Texas. Lisa works out of her studio in El Paso, Texas and creates a painterly and loose style while achieving a realistic look in her paintings. She is known for her luminous and richly colored landscapes of the El Paso area, Arizona, New Mexico and various scenes of missions that capture her imagination. She paints with oil and acrylic medium using the highest-grade paints. As a Colorist, Lisa enjoys painting outdoors and observing light, atmosphere on color, and the myriad subtleties of tones and values that create form. Her style, which quickly became very distinctive for its rich saturated color and luminous oil paint caught the attention of numerous buyers during the last several years. She has exhibited in numerous juried competitions and local museums in El Paso. “My best work occurs when I allow myself to be in the painting. There is an energy that comes out of you that connects you to a deeper place.” There she can convey her passion onto the canvas and allow her viewer to enjoy the end result. Lisa’s passion for art came into play when she moved to El Paso, Texas. Lisa had the opportunity to pursue her long-life dream of becoming an artist. There she met a group of artists who were painting along the Rio Grande. Her husband recalls the day he called Lisa on her cell phone to let her know this group was painting in Plein Air outdoors. Lisa rushed and headed for the river with all her painting gear. That day was special because she met the most talented artists in El Paso. Lisa joined the El Paso Plein-Air group and also became a member of the El Paso Art Association. She shows and exhibits her work in the El Paso Area and local venues. Lisa is full time artist and exhibits at the Tubac Arts & Gifts Gallery and El Paso Finest Gallery, El Paso Texas.

Rosa Cruz, MD

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, El Paso Artist Rosa Cruz started painting as a student during her childhood as pupil of Hector Carrizosa in her native Monterrey. Early on she tried different techniques in still life and portraits with oil and pastel colors. She took a break while completing medical school and medical training and raising a family. Since her return to paining in the last few years, she continued to experiment with oil, and more recently acrylic, producing a spate of pieces, from still life to landscapes and portraits.

Her technique has blossomed and evolved with pieces that were exhibited at the “celebration of Our Mountains” art exhibit held at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing in March 2019 where her piece “Desert Landscape” won Best of the Show. She presented another piece in the “Sun Bowl Art Exhibit” at the International Museum of Art event in 2019. She continues to master her art with mentors like Abel de la Rosa, and more recently, Ricardo Celma.


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