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Tours and Presentations

Our tours offer an exclusive opportunity to explore the inner workings of our facility and gain valuable insights into the world of aviation, we provide tours to schools and other types of youth groups.

Tours are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to staff availability. Typically conducted Monday through Thursday between 9 am and 4 pm. We do ask that requests be sent with ample time to coordinate, at least two weeks in advance, though the more time the better as we do receive many tour requests and schedules fill up quickly.

For security, space, and escorting purposes, tours are limited to 25 total individuals (students and chaperones).

Types of Tours:

Terminal Tour:

Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
Experience: Walk through our bustling terminal and learn about the journey of a passenger.
Engage with airline representatives to gain insights into working for an airline.
Interact with TSA representatives and inquire about the security screening process.
Meet our K-9 team for a captivating presentation and Q&A session about our specially-trained dogs.

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station Tour (Located at George Perry):

Experience: Explore the specialized fire station situated on airport premises.
Discover the unique vehicles used to address emergencies on aircraft.
View a training aircraft up close.
Engage in discussions with our skilled firefighters about safety protocols and training procedures.

Please note that in some cases we may be able to view aircraft up close however we are not able to board the inside of an aircraft on a tour.

Career Day Presentation:

Looking to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals? Invite a representative from our airport to your school's Career Day! Our knowledgeable staff members are eager to share insights into various careers within the aviation industry. Here's what you need to know:

Career Day presentations are subject to staff availability. Please send your invitation at least three weeks in advance to allow ample time for scheduling.

A representative will be sent from one of the following departments:

To request a tour please fill out the form below:

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