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Aira Airport Network

The Aira Airport Network has been available at El Paso International Airport since 2019, providing invaluable support for travelers who are blind or have low vision. Simply download the Aira app to access real-time assistance from a live agent as you navigate the airport. It's free, available 24/7, easy to use, and enhances your travel experience. 

What is Aira?

Aira is #1 app and service for the blind, low vision and elderly community. Aira’s 24/7 service connects travelers who want personalized information to professional, in-country agents who describe the traveler’s environment and use the Aira Information Dashboard (AID™) to access the internet, airport details and more.
The Aira mobile app makes use of camera and video enabling an Aira Agent to assist through visual interpreting and virtual assisting—describing, reading, explaining, navigating, planning—just about
anything. At the touch of a button, Aira delivers instant access to information, enhancing efficiency, engagement, and independence.

You can start to use the service by downloading the Aira Explorer App:



Navigation made simple

Remote, live Aira Agents provide real-time personalized instructions and information via the free Aira mobile app. Travelers can freely and confidently move through crowds, avoid obstacles,
and arrive at their desired locations on time, improving their overall experience.

Adapt to Changes

Flight delays, gate changes, construction, and COVID protocols are common challenges for all travelers.
With Aira, an agent can review schedule boards and inform the traveler of any adjustments to be made.

Enhance Wait Time

Passengers consistently cite wait time as a negative in their airport experience. With Aira, an agent can direct a traveler who is blind or has low vision to available seating, comfort stations, or a nearby
restaurant, and interpret menus rather than have to rely on busy staff for assistance.

 For more information on the Aira visit,



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